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Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a drug discovery and development company, focused on the central nervous system (CNS), primarily in age-related disorders.


Inspiring innovative research.
Through academic research on neurobiology, we hypothesized that age-related sleep complaints are linked to the decay in production of melatonin.


Drugs for better quality of life.

The development of Circadin®, the first and only IP-protected prolonged-release melatonin containing ethical drug, mimics the physiological secretion profile of melatonin.

Neurim Pharmaceuticals

Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a drug discovery and development company.
Its first approved drug, Circadin® – prolonged release melatonin for insomnia is commercially available in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Neurim Pharmaceuticals has a promising pipeline of New Chemical Entities effective in Central Nervous System disorders. We focus on the diseases of aging, such as insomnia and neuro-degenerative diseases, with the goal of improving quality of life.

Our vision

To establish a leadership position in small molecule drug research and development aimed at improving quality of life.

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    • Neurim Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Positive Effects of Add-on Circadin in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
    • Neurim Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Phase 2 Clinical Trial Results of Piromelatine for the Treatment of Insomnia
    • Neurim Pharmaceuticals reports the results of stabilometric study of Circadin® demonstrating maintenance of postural stability
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