Slenyto® has been designed to gradually release melatonin, mimicking the physiological secretion profile of melatonin that produces sustained plasma levels of melatonin for up to 8-10 hours.

Neurim received positive CHMP opinion for Slenyto® on July 26th 2018 (EMA/CHMP opinion). Slenyto® approval was based on a pediatric investigational plan (PIP) containing a Phase III study that demonstrated Slenyto®s’ short and long term efficacy and safety. This study showed significant improvements in total sleep time, sleep initiation and maintenance, child behaviour and caregivers’ quality of life 1 2 .

Slenyto® is now available in Germany, Finland, UK , Italy and Norway.

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    • Slenyto (PedPRM) is now available in Norway!
    • Neurim Pharmaceuticals attends the ESCAP Congress in Vienna, Austria, 30 June – 2 July 2019
    • Slenyto (PedPRM) is now also available in Italy!
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