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Proud to introduce latest SLENYTO® news as part of our work towards successful launch;

We are delighted to announce that first publication on SLENYTO® Phase III clinical study results was accepted by one of the most prestigious and recognized journals of the pediatric psychiatric community – JAACAP (Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry).
Click here to read the manuscript.

Prof. Paul Gringras presented SLENYTO® top line results of the pivotal placebo-controlled phase III study in ASD children (age 2-18 years) who suffer from insomnia at the World Sleep Society Congress (October 9th, Prague). Gringras reinforced that “Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder suffer from significant sleep problems which exacerbate their behavioral and functional deficits, and are particularly challenging to their families. Currently, there are no approved therapeutic options for pediatric insomnia, and that is particularly problematic for children with ASD. The results of the study indicate that PedPRM is an effective and safe treatment which is well tolerated even in this challenging population. It is effective in improving sleep problems that have been refractory to the usual behavioural interventions in this population, and furthermore improves parental quality of life and satisfaction from their child’s sleep”.

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