G-BA assessment of Slentyo concluded a hint of minor additional benefit. Read more on G-BA  Assessment, and Assessment Justification

Accomplishment for Slenyto in France

HAS transparency committee (CT) assesses Slenyto rendered medical service as important (SMR IMPORTANT) which implicates a favorable opinion to Slenyto reimbursement at the highest possible level in France (65%). The additional benefit of Slenyto is considered as a minor improvement (ASMR IV) in the treatment of insomnia in children with ASD/SMS. Read more about CT assessment.


SMC in Scotland published its advice which did not recommend the use of Slenyto in Scotland. Read more

Innovation award for Slenyto in Germany

In an annual survey conducted by ‘Pharma Trend’, pediatricians in Grmany named Slenyto  as the most innovative product which makes a benefit for the treatment of their patients.

 Slenyto launch event, Italy

Around 50 Italian child neuropsychiatrists from Italy were invited by Fidia to Neurim satellite symposium in ESCAP and Slenyto launch event organized by Fidia.

The launch event included 2 lectures by influential local and international KOLs:

  • The impact of sleep problems in children with ASD on child and parent by Prof. Oliviero Bruni, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Treating insomnia in ASD by Prof. Lino Nobili, Pediatric Hospital Gaslini Genova

The meeting generated high interest around the impact of Insomnia on the child and Family as well as in Slenyto scientific data.

Slenyto launch symposium, Finland

40 leading Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Neurologists participated in Biocodex Oy launch symposium.

The launch symposium included 3 lectures by influential local and international KOLs:

  • ASD and insomnia by M.D. Hanna Raaska, Helsinki University Child Psychiatry
  • Slenyto clinical trial results by Dr. Athanasios Maras, Yulius Academie Netherlands
  • Diagnosis and treatment of insomnia in ASD by Dr. Juulia Paavonen, Helsinki University Child Psychiatry

The event was highly successful as the attendees showed great interest in the product and topic.


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    • Slenyto (PedPRM) is now available in Switzerland!
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