Newly published Practice Guidance for Autism endorsed by ESCAP

The guidance was led by Prof. Joaquin Fuentes, Dr. Amaia Hervás and Dr. Patrica Howling. It summarizes the current information on autism and focuses on ways detecting, diagnosing, and treating this condition.

Few important messages that were included in the guidance:

  • Autism burden reach is greater than the ASD individual- For each ASD individual, at least another three per household- parents and one sibling will have their lives directly affected, which sums up to 18 million people in the EU alone
  • The guidance acknowledge the complexity of concluding efficacy of products on ASD population unless clinically tested, given the very often unpredictable response to drugs by autistic people
  • Slenyto is mentioned as ”recently EMA approved treatment of insomnia in autism

The guidance is already translated to French (posted at Autisme France) and Spanish (to be soon posted at Autismo España). It will soon also be translated to German and other European languages.

For online version press here.

SNappD is now live- the Sleep Nap diary app was launched in Uk

SNappD is a simple-to-use sleep and nap diary app created by Flynn Pharma with expert input from Prof. Paul Gringras and others. SNappD allows the caregiver to record sleep statistics and the impact of poor sleep and to share the data with the HCP. For further information on SNappD – the Sleep Nap Diary app, please visit the iOS or Google Play app stores.

Neurim AG symposium at the annual Swiss Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry congress

The symposium was chaired by Prof. Stephan Eliez who presented an overview of insomnia in children with ASD. Prof. Carmen Schröder presented Slenyto treatment for insomnia in children with ASD and gave insights into treatment experience including recommendations for daily practice.
More than 140 attendees participated in the symposium.
The symposium recording is available at Slenyto ShareFile in German and French.

Slenyto wins again the most innovative product award in pediatrics in Germany

In a survey conducted by ‘Pharma-trend’ pediatricians considered Slenyto as most innovative product which makes a benefit for their patients. A higher rate of pediatricians considered Slenyto as innovative in this years’ survey compared to last year.
This is the second time that Slenyto wins the Pharma-trend innovation award in pediatrics. Click here for more details.


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