Neurim participation in ESCAP 2017

Dear Partners,

As part of Neurim’s pre-launch activities, we are delighted to present you a brief update on our recent activity in the ESCAP (European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) congress held few weeks ago in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Neurim sponsored a Breakfast Symposium in which Prof. Nava Zisapel gave a lecture – “Addressing the unmet needs of children with ASD suffering from sleep disorders”. The number of participants in the symposium exceeded all expectations – more than 60 HCPs from Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, UK, Norway and other countries attended. The presentation mainly addressed the following topics:
• Underline the unmet need in the treatment of sleep disorders among children with ASD
• Discuss the reasons for the high prevalence of sleep disorders in this population
• Review the current literature about possible treatments in this population
• Highlight emerging therapies under development for sleep disorders in children with ASD

There was a great interest in the topic and the presentation, evident by the high number of questions during and post lecture as well as the high number of attendees.

There was a consensus among attendees that there is a great need to find a proper solution for insomnia in ASD children to help patients and their families, and that Ped PRM development can perfectly address this need.

To download the slides presented please click here

We are looking forward to see you and your clients participating in further International events!

Upcoming events:
ECNP, Paris, September 2017 – “Current melatonergic therapies for insomnia” oral presentation by Prof. Nava Zisapel
World Sleep Congress, Prague, October 2017 – “Short and Long Term Prolonged Release Melatonin Treatment For Sleep Disorders In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders –Results Of A Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial” oral presentation by Prof. Paul Gringras (EU PI).


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